AMCS technologies launches telematics tool

6 March 2019

AMCS technologies, the company specialised in anti-collision safety systems and zoning for lifting machines, has developed its own telematics tool called IoT Lifting.

“A tool to access concrete and real-time technical data about the anti-collision systems and the use of the crane has been developed to meet a real need of its customers,” said AMCS.

It centralizes all the information transmitted by the DCS 61-S anti-collision systems for each crane to a web portal and generates customised statistics for each job site and company.

"All our customers, if they wish, will have a daily feedback on the productivity of their construction sites and cranes equipped with our anti-collision DCS 61-S systems," says Mohamed Chettibi, president of AMCS technologies.

AMCS explained how the IoT Lifting works: Information is continuously collected by the DCS 61-S system thanks to the various sensors placed on the crane. Thanks to the 3G / 4G network of the SIM card placed in the modem of the system, it is thus possible to store, send and receive information on a web portal: the IoT Lifting.  Each customer can connect to the secure telematics with a personal user ID and password. The user will have access to the cartography of all the job sites of their company equipped with DCS 61-S.

All the data relating to each crane and construction site are generated and the user can view, analyze, download and share this information. Customisable statistics can also be generated in the form of diagrams (occupancy, load, efficiency, interference rate etc.).

“This telematics is not just about accurately tracking remote site productivity and crane activity. This goes far beyond that, by allowing the builder or the hirer a real evaluation of productivity according to the concentration of the machines but also an automated management of his fleet of systems,” the company said.

This new tool will be presented at Bauma Munich this April and should be available in 2019 internationally. Indeed, the SIM card that the system is equipped with is universal (compatible in more than 130 countries).