Arcomet A50 Eco gets to work

8 November 2018

Tower crane hirer and manufacturer Arcomet’s latest self erector, the A50 Eco, is close to completing work on its first job, a residential development in Willebroek, Belgium, for customer Dethier Bouwbedrijf.

The self erector is being used in its maximum radius configuration, 50m, at which distance it can lift 1,500kg. Arcomet says that the site manager on the project is very happy with the crane, and praises its smooth operation.

Arcomet is able to connect to the crane through its telematics system, which has allowed its engineering department to monitor the crane’s performance and to quickly make adjustments in response to the customer’s requests.

The crane’s frequency-controlled motors adjust power according to load, reducing ‘wasted’ power, and allowing precise control for the operator.

The customer picked the crane for its reach and capacity, and in order to experience the new crane at work. The company, Arcomet says, was impressed enough to say they will likely hire it for a second job site.