Big Goldhofer order from Sarens

30 October 2018 by Sotiris Kanaris

Sarens has ordered 92 Goldhofer axle lines for the construction of a huge oil field in Kazakhstan.

Sarens ordered a total of 68 THP/SL and 24 PST/SL axle lines plus four 280 PS PowerPacks, increasing the size of its Goldhofer fleet to a total of more than 300 axle lines.

Carl Sarens, director, global operations, said: "We have dispatched around 250 specialists to handle the overland transportation and on-site installation of the pre-assembled units and racks and associated oversize equipment. For the overland transportation operations, Sarens already had more than 900 axle lines available in Kazakhstan. At the beginning of 2018, however, we saw an upcoming peak in the required logistical capacities as of the beginning of 2018. We therefore had to urgently increase our capacities to avoid problems in meeting the project schedule. Goldhofer delivered a convincing response with top quality at very short notice and absolutely punctual shipments.”

Horst Häfele, head of  product management at Goldhofer, said: "We are proud of the fact that our axle lines are being used by a prominent customer like Sarens for such a prestigious project. The Goldhofer production team did a great job in terms of coordination and completed the entire order in less than three months. Everyone was highly motivated to complete the largest single order ever received from Sarens to such a tight schedule. Many of us worked special shifts to meet the deadline.”