Caldwell launches new spreader beam

8 May 2019

Caldwell, founded in 1954, has expanded its spreader beam family with the addition of the Model 33 modular lifting beam system.

The manufacturer said through the use of various spreader beam sections, end, or corner fittings, users’ lifter configurations are virtually limitless, providing a solution for any lifting challenges.

The spreader beam assemblies are available in a wide range of capacities and sizes. Caldwell’s four-point system can be configured in square or rectangular configurations. In addition, both the two- and four-point system components are interchangeable with other similar systems.

The breakdown of the modular components makes this system easy to handle on the job site. “Due to this feature, the model 33 is the perfect solution where a quick delivery is required. End fittings and beam sections are sold separately if a complete system is not required,” Caldwell said.

The Model 33 has a pivoting drop link and complies with ASME B30.20, BTH-1 standards. The product will be available in the market in June 2019.