Demag AC 500-8 lifts 28t beer tanks in Munich

5 October 2017 by Sotiris Kanaris

On behalf of Paulaner Brauerei, AKM Autokranvermietung used a Demag AC 500-8 to lift seven 26m-long, 28t bright beer tanks and lower them through the roof inside the Munich brewery’s new building.

The roof opening was only 10cm larger than the tanks, which have a diameter of 6.5m.

The crane was configured for the lift with a 56m main boom, a 14.4m LF light fly jib, 120t of counterweight, and the company’s SSL boom strengthening system.

Priot to the lift, AKM put the tanks in an upright position using two assist crane in a tandem lift. The AC 500-8 then lifted the tanks one by one to a height of approximately 50m with a radius of 32m and then swung them over the new building’s roof.

Then came the most demanding part of the lift, lowering the tanks through the roof opening. “The Demag AC 500-8 can be controlled with such a perfect level of precision that a margin of adjustment of only a few centimeters was more than enough to accurately move the tanks into the building without them so much as brushing up against the roof structure,” AKM general manager Sven Bauer said.