Digging & Rigging puts new Faymonville trailers to work

27 November 2017 by Sotiris Kanaris

US-based crane and rigging company Digging & Rigging took delivery of 13 new axle lines of G-SL ModulMAX and PowerMAX from Faymonville, which it has already put to work.

For one of the first jobs, the staff used a nine-axle combination with an extra low flatbed to transport a power generator. The huge piece had a weight of 210,000lbs and dimensions of 24ft 1in length, 12ft 3in width and 15ft 8in height. Firstly, the transformer was shipped from Wisconsin to Virginia by rail car.

Digging and Rigging then had to load the transformer from the rail car to the ModulMAX with its Liebherr LTM 1250-6.1 crane and move it 1.2 miles to the substation, followed by the off-load. To pull the nine-axle ModulMAX trailer, it used its four-axle Kenworth tractor. In total, the combination had a gross weight of 360,000lbs and an overall length of 115ft.

“The ModulMAX made easy work of some tight turns at the load site and at the substation. The low deck height made it easy to clear several utility lines and stop lights along the route”, said Jim Gregory, president of Digging & Rigging.

To move a 50ft long dryer on the Eastern shore of Maryland with a weight of 175,000lbs and a diameter of 12ft, Digging & Rigging used 10 G-SL ModulMAX axle lines including a PowerMAX APMC to run the combination as a self-propelled unit. “The trailer made easy work negotiating the dryer through the tight plant and into position for our Liebherr LTM 1500-8.1 crane to offload and set in place,” said Gregory.