Experimental luff

30 November 2018

Conbit, the structural engineering and lifting subsidiary of ALE, has successfully completed a load test of a 10t flare tip using its unique luffing system, for an upcoming replacement project in Kazakhstan.

At 10t, the flare tip is unusually heavy. Conbit developed a specialist luffing system in-house that is ideally suited, it says, for lifting this high capacity load on a large platform.

The high capacity luffing system will be configured to manoeuvre the gantry that will lift the large flare tip. The system, which was designed as an easy-to-handle method of moving a gantry crane portal, will enable Conbit to utilise a lighter structure to lift loads quicker and at a much higher capacity.

The test lift took place at Conbit’s yard in Eindhoven and was witnessed by the client. “Although we do a load test on all our lifting equipment and frames before we start a project, as part of preparation of equipment and engineering plans, this was particularly significant considering the size of the flare tip and the use of the luffing system. This is a major milestone for the project and we are pleased with the client’s positive feedback,” explained Dries van Mierlo, project manager.

The flare tip replacement project, at an offshore field in Kazakhstan, will be the first to use the luffing system. It is expected to take place in mid-2019.