Fagioli buys Riggers gantries

25 May 2006

Fagioli of Italy has received four Riggers Manufacturing 600-33 EZ Lifter hydraulic extending gantries. The gantries can raise 650t (716 US tons) to 10m (32ft) with four legs.

The gantries have Riggers new Computer Aided Remote Lifting (CARL) load management system. CARL provides both synchronized lifting and travel of two or four legs. The system has a portable remote control station with a screen display that shows caution and warning messages and shuts the system down if an overload condition is recognized. It can be set to shut off the system when the load reaches a predetermined height.

The EZ Lifters' first job is to a liquefied natural gas (LNG) construction site, and then to a nuclear components manufacturer to lift 800 tons steam generators, the initial phase of the door-to-door transport to the a replacement project in the USA.

Riggers EZ Lifter 600-33 Riggers EZ Lifter 600-33