Favelle Favcos return to World Trade Centre site

1 December 2006

Two Favelle Favco M760s will be building New York City's Freedom Tower, the new 1,776ft skyscraper on the World Trade Centre site. Lead contractor Tishman is renting them from Favco dealer JF Lomma. The cranes have a maximum load of 64t (141,000 lbs) and can lift 4.4t (9,700 lb) at 70m (230 ft) jib-end. Maximum hoist speed is 160m/min (525ft/min).

Below-grade construction was expected to begin in 2006, and topping out of the buiding is expected in 2009. Tishman was the lead contractor on the late-1960s Twin Towers project, and then it used eight Favelle Favco STD 2700 internal-climbing luffing-jib cranes to help construct the buildings.

Favco STD2700,t he crane model that built the Twin Towers, in its second life as portal based harbour crane.

Favelle Favco STD2700 Favelle Favco STD2700