Faymonville flip-axle adds to US options

13 March 2018

A steerable fourth pin-on flip axle is the latest option for the MegaMAX double drop from trailer manufacturer Faymonville.

New to North America, and claimed as the first four-axle double-drop with steerable pin-on flip axle, the tool is designed to increase the legal pay load and to give more versatility when travelling from state to state.

The pin-on flip axle uses state-of-the-art king pin steering.  At an axle load of 20,000lbs it allows a total payload capacity up to 95,000lbs. At the maximum technical axle rating of 22,700lbs in the four-axle configuration, the trailer can even handle up to 105,800 lbs. The basic trailer including the fourth axle has an empty weight of around 40,000 lbs.

When the fourth axle is not needed, it is easy to detach or flip the axle for empty transport to shorten the combination. No shimming is required. The mechanical steering link between the three-axle bogie and the pin-on requires no hydraulics.

Faymonville claims that the king-pin steering on these double drops offers greatly increased maneuverability and allows access to extremely tight areas such as construction sites, power plants or inner cities, which is always a challenge with long and oversize cargo. The hydraulic detachable gooseneck allows continuous height adjustment and flexibility during loading and unloading.

The MegaMAX is available with either a stretch deck or a minideck. With 13.8” drive height, the stretch is the lowest of its kind in the market, says the company. The deck stretches from 25ft up to 42ft, and can be extended even further using additional deck inserts. The detachable rear bogie allows them to be added. The minideck has a loading height of 10.8in; Faymonville envision it moving transformers or generators. The steel construction on the whole width allows maximum point loads.