Faymonville takes over Stürzer

8 January 2019 by Sotiris Kanaris

Special vehicle manufacturer Faymonville Group has taken over commercial vehicle dealer Stürzer Heavy Trucks.

The acquisition represents an expansion of the Faymonville Group's activities in South Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The newly created Faymonville Trade & Services, headquartered in Landsberg am Lech, will take over various tasks in this context.

The branch office will become the hub for sales of immediately available special vehicles from the Faymonville, MAX Trailer and Cometto brands. Heavy-duty tractor units from various manufacturers will also be offered there. And different tipper models will be available as well, especially for the construction sector.

Faymonville said: “The complete range in particular pays off for the customer, because in addition to sales, all servicing of the vehicles will be carried out in Landsberg am Lech. The professional employees take care of brand-neutral maintenance work and even general overhauls in the 2,500m² workshop.”

Used vehicles from all manufacturers are also available from Faymonville Trade & Services. In addition to vehicle leasing, the service portfolio is rounded off by finance options.