First LRT 1100-2.1 in Australia

16 September 2020

Australian company Norwest Crane Hire has invested in two new Liebherr cranes: an LTM 1300-6.2 all terrain and a 100t LRT 1100-2.1 rough-terrain, the first of its type in Australia.

Norwest Crane Hire has been using equipment from Liebherr for over twenty years and now has a total of 18 Liebherr cranes. “It’s important to me to offer my customers reliable cranes and to have a service partner I can rely on. Which is why we have nothing but high-quality machines in our fleet,” said Bernie Johnson, managing director.

Norwest immediately dispatched the LRT 1100-2.1 rough-terrain crane to a construction site in the Pilbara region of Western Australia for its first work assignments. “It’s exciting to have the first crane of this type with us on site. The LRT 1100-2.1 offers a huge degree of flexibility in the field,” said Johnson. The 100-tonner represents a major expansion of the company’s deployment options in the Pilbara.

The Liebherr LRT 1100-2.1 offers a maximum load capacity of 100t and a telescopic 50m jib. The VarioBase variable supporting base boosts flexibility on the construction site, as the crane can also be safely used in confined areas. The system also increases the crane’s lifting capacity.

Norwest Crane Hire ordered the first Liebherr LRT 1100-2.1 rough-terrain crane for Australia.
A new Liebherr LTM 1300-6.2 is in use for Norwest Crane Hire.