First Tadano GTC-1800EX handed over

18 January 2021

The first unit of the new Tadano GTC-1800EX telecrawler was handed over to Trier, Germany-based crane and heavy haulage provider Steil Kranarbeiten.

The handover took place in Tadano Demag’s factory in Zweibrücken, where the Tadano-branded crane is built. General manager Birgit Steil and head of technology Karl Trippel traveled there together with a crane operator and a truck driver. Tadano Demag’s CEO Jens Ennen, product manager Vincent Stenger and sales manager Frank Brachtendorf were also present.

The 156t GTC-1800EX can lift 34t at a radius of 12m when working on an incline of 4° with the main boom at a length of 30m.The main boom length of 60m can be increased further if necessary with lengths of 5m, 11m, 17m, and 23m.

Birgit Steil, said: “We expect, first and foremost, to save a lot of time and money with the GTC-1800EX. Especially because of the short setup times and the logistical advantages when it comes to transportation. Since the crane is also very versatile, we’ll be using it primarily at work sites with tight space conditions and on difficult terrain. With its intelligent IC-1 Plus control system, it has the advantage that it automatically determines the available lifting capacity under consideration of factors such as ground inclination and the track setting.”

“We’ll first be using it primarily as an assist crane for our Demag CC 3800 in wind turbine projects. But it will also be extremely useful for installing prefab concrete elements. In fact, we ordered the crane with two winches precisely because of this.”

Directly after the handover, the crane was taken to a wind farm in the Black Forest, where it was used to lift rotor blades and disassemble a Demag CC 3800-1 on site after the latter completed its last lift.