Fleet File 2018 is now open

4 September 2018 by Will North

The deadline for Cranes Today's annual survey of the world's crane fleets, Fleet File, is rapidly approaching.

To make sure you are not missed out, fill in the form at cranestodaymagazine.com/fleetfile.

As crane owners reshape their fleets to meet the demands of their customers, one of the best ways they can show what they can do is by taking part in Cranes Today's Fleet File.
Fleet File is split by crane type and capacity, so it shows not just who has the biggest fleet, but the abilities of every fleet. It is a showcase for a crane owner with a handful of cranes, as much as one with hundreds.
In recent years, we've been working to refine and improve how Fleet File describes all fleets.
In the past, our tower crane survey was split up by crane type. Now, like our mobile crane categories, it is split up by capacity. We chose these categories based on discussion with manufacturers and users. While it's impossible to have each correspond to a specific job type, and there will undoubtedly be some overlap, I think these new bands are more useful than our previous classification by type.
We added a new category in 2015, compact cranes. In the past, we'd included some minicrane fleets in our smallest crawler crane capacity bands. Now, owners of these cranes can list them in their own categories, making clear the sort of jobs they may be used for.
Fleet File now offers the only free-to-enter survey of all crane fleets. For anyone who wants to show exactly what their fleet can do, it presents a unique opportunity.