Flexible Faymonville plays the Joker

30 August 2019

Trailer manufacturer Faymonville has launched a new product range on the market for larger low bed combinations with the introduction of VarioMAX Plus. The manufacturer said the newly developed product for a payload of up to 105t at 12t axle load, combines the advantages of its ‘proven’ VarioMAX and CombiMAX systems.

The vehicle is designed to transport the heaviest construction machines, mobile crushing equipment and transformers. Rainer Noe, product manager at Faymonville, summarises its benefits: “The strengths of the VarioMAX Plus low bed semi-trailer lie in its ability to transport high payloads, its modular versatility and manoeuvrability.”

The design is based on the “Joker axle” technology. “This allows for a one-axle bogie to be integrated either behind the gooseneck or the low bed when a higher payload needs to be moved. In this respect, the user can choose between one or two intersections in his combination,” explains Noe. Combination conversions can be carried out quickly and easily.

The compact design makes the vehicle manoeuvrable on tight construction sites and access roads.

On the bogies in the VarioMAX Plus range, the customer can choose between robust 19.5in or compact 17.5in tyres. The pendle axle technology is employed across the board. “This type of axle is specially designed for use on difficult terrain. It enables a maximum total stroke of 600mm as well as an extreme steering angle of up to 60°,” says Noe. The pendulum movements enable optimum axle compensation between the individual axles on uneven surfaces and differing ground clearances.

The front pendle axle bogies can be uncoupled from the gooseneck if required and can be transported on the low bed when unladen to comply with the legal framework on the road. The versatile low bed range of the VarioMAX Plus caters for various applications, as it includes excavator decks, outer beam decks in different heights, and hydraulically widening vessel bridges.