F.lli Ferrari adds 14 New Age models

18 November 2020

Italian manufacturer F.lli Ferrari, has boosted its New Age Line with the launch of an additional 14 crane models with five different boom configurations.

The company said :“The New Age line of cranes have been redesigned and reengineered to deliver top performance, ease of use and maintenance and the highest level of modularity in models, features and accessories.”

The new 19-21tm models complement the existing 9tm and 13-16 tm cranes in the New Age Line. The range now spans from 1 to 165tm.

The 7212D and 7240D are the new telescopic boom cranes, designed to be used in car recovery and other applications. The new articulated boom crane models are the 7210B and 7240B.

F.lli Ferrari has significantly expanded its articulated crane range with the addition of the following models which are equipped with double linkage boom system: 7213C, 7223C, 7231C, 7243C, 7245C and 7261C.

Other new models include the 7213SC & 7243SC short boom articulated cranes with double linkages, as well as the 9235C and 9265C endless slewing cranes with double linkage boom system.

Innovations in the New Age line include Dynamic Load Diagram, which allows verification in advance of the crane lifting capacity based on the actual truck stability; and, Magic Touch which allows the driver to automatically open the crane from transport position to working position and back to transport position when required.

“The innovative design, new electronics and hydraulics of our New cranes guarantee excellent lifting performance and improve operator safety and efficiency," said Giuseppe Bevacqua, product manager cranes. "With these new cranes, we now offer solutions for every industry and application, from mining to maintenance, construction to car recovery."