F.lli Ferrari expands New Age line

17 February 2021

Italian knuckleboom crane manufacturer F.lli Ferrari has added two 60tm models to its New Age series, the 9601C and the 9661C.

The 9601C features the Standard Lifting Control System, whereas the 9661C has the Proportional Lifting Control System. The latter offers 10% greater lifting capacity.

F.lli Ferrari offers two jib options for these models: the J1206 light Jib for lifting horizontally, and the J2006 heavy Jib for lifting vertically.

The standard features of the two cranes include: double linkage, negative second boom angle, up to eight extensions, endless slewing, and multifunction radio remote control.

“These strong, light and compact cranes have the best lifting capacity currently available in this segment of the market. The rewards for the customer are higher payloads and faster operation,” said the manufacturer.

The New Age series comprises models with capacities from 1 to 165 tm. The manufacturer has incorporated a range of technologies to these machines in order to improve efficiency and safety.

Among these innovations are the Auto Levelling System, which automatically keeps the truck frame in a horizontal position and the Operator Auto Detection , which automatically activates the operator’s closest stabilizer, avoiding the need for operator contact. The Front Stabilizer control allows possible load in the front area, avoiding stress and overload of the truck frame, while the Compact Installation Kit guides the hoses through a different route, allowing a more compact installation of the crane on the truck.

Other features offer are the dynamic load diagram and Magic Touch, which allows automatic folding and unfolding to transport and working positions.