Four Raimondi luffers in Dubai

29 May 2019

Nurol Construction, part of the Nurol Group of Companies (Nurol), took delivery of four new Raimondi LR213 luffing jib cranes in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The LR213 has a maximum capacity of 14t and can reach a maximum radius of 55m, from where it can lift a maximum of 2.25t.

Raimondi Cranes Middle East mobilised three teams for the offload, assembly and installation of the new cranes onsite at the Beach Vista luxury development by Emaar.

The development, scheduled for completion August 2021, is situated on an exclusive private island planned to have 27 residential towers overlooking the Arabian Gulf.

“The initial proposal included an intensive jobsite study followed by site planning focusing on the positioning of the cranes. Due to the high amount of simultaneous construction activity onsite, the site planning was crucial to ensure the safety and productivity metrics that Nurol wanted to achieve,” said Wael Hasan, Middle East commercial director, Raimondi Cranes.

Two of the new cranes, each with a jib length of 50m, are the first-ever Raimondi LR213s to be erected internally in existing structures onsite in the UAE, while the two cranes installed outside of the structures both have jib lengths of 55m. “Raimondi’s Middle East operations team will be performing monthly onsite maintenance, and as part of the overall after sales care package we will later execute the jumping procedure to enable the cranes to reach 150m in height,” Hasan added.