Gathering power

20 February 2019

Mammoet has completed a critical lift at Shell’s Pennsylvania Chemicals Project in Potter Township, using its MSG80 ring crane to hoist a 2,000USt quench tower into position.

The quench tower, measuring 87m (285ft) long, was erected according to plan within a twelve hour time period. It was one of the first vertical pieces to be set on site. Due to the restricted availability of space, the MSG80 was the only crane with a small enough footprint and high enough capacity to complete this crucial lift. Additionally, Mammoet’s PTC200 DS is on site and is scheduled to complete a further 45 lifts for the project.

The facility is the first major U.S. project of its kind to be built outside of the Gulf Coast region in 20 years. Once operational, the facility will boast an ethane cracker and three polyethylene units, and is expected to employ up to 600 employees.

Mammoet’s project manager, Tim Dowdle, said the success of the lift was a result of Mammoet’s specialised equipment combined with a highly skilled team of people. “This scope required extensive planning and mobilisation within an intense schedule. Working in close partnership, the Mammoet and Shell teams stepped up to the plate, accepted the challenge and delivered a safe, flawless execution.”