GGR social distancing assistance

12 May 2020

Lifting specialist GGR Group has been assisting construction sites across the UK that remained open or are due to open in the coming weeks by providing equipment to maintain social distancing and ensure safe methods of work.

With a broad portfolio of lifting equipment and extensive technical expertise, GGR Group has placed emphasis on offering equipment that allows for one person operation; reduced manual handling; decreased proximity between operators; and the remote operation of equipment to maintain a safe working environment, whilst ensuring that best practice is followed.

“The two metre guidelines for social distancing has meant that there is increased demand for equipment that can support safe working during these unprecedented times,” said the company.

Michael Heneghan, sales director at GGR Group said:  “There are increasing signs that things are starting to move again and it’s good to hear of sites that have re-opened or are due to re-open, but it’s important that we take social distancing seriously.

“We are fortunate to already operate in a safety critical area of the industry. A typical lifting scenario must be thought through at every step, from accessibility through to the task itself and suitability of the equipment to do the job. On-site social distancing presents an additional factor to consider, but nothing that is outside our usual scope of work.”

In addition to supporting social distancing measures the company has included additional PPE in their contract lift boxes including gloves, masks and eye protection to ensure operators and customers are fully protected on-site.