GP MAT erects six Raimondi cranes in Parisian suburb

10 July 2017 by Sotiris Kanaris

GP MAT International has erected six Raimondi cranes on jobsite in Saclay, a south-western suburb of Paris.

The jobsite, at MINES ParisTech (known historically as the École des mines de Paris), rated as one of France’s top universities, requires the cranes to be onsite and operational for various timelines, all between 18-24 months.

The contractor Cardinal Edifice is using three MRT243s, an MRT189, an MRT223 and an MRT294 from its fleet. The latter one was added to the fleet specifically for this project due to the heavy lifting requirements.

Under the direction of GP MAT president Frank Torchard, ten of the company’s employees worked on erecting the cranes, including those with elevators.  The erection times of the six Raimondi took approximately 16 hours for each crane over a period of two working days.

“It was imperative to have cranes with high lifting capacity on this site due to the heavy prefabricated components. The cranes will be used in the construction of a set of offices over five levels, and will be lifting form panels, concrete, and prefab elements over the duration of the construction process,” Torchard said.

In accordance with French labour regulations, both cranes exceeding 50m in height were fitted with elevators. The total fleet assembled onsite, together with maintenance and disassembly, will all be overseen by GP MAT for the duration of the project.