Greek job for Goldhofer

12 May 2020

Kroustalelis Special Transport has used Goldhofer heavy-duty modules to transport refinery equipment in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The heavy haul company was tasked with transporting a 67m-long naphtha splitter and an equally long deisohexanizer from the production facility of pressure equipment fabricator EKME in Thessaloniki to the local port for onward shipment to Azerbaijan.

Each of the two vessels was 67m-long, 5.85m wide and weighed 190t. Taking into account these parameters, Kroustalelis chose a 16-axle (8+8) Goldhofer THP/LTSO heavy-duty combination for the 14km journey. The Goldhofer THP/LTSO is a heavy-duty module with an extremely low deck height and 205mm tires.

In order to avoid disrupting rush-hour traffic, the oversized cargos were moved to the nearby port on two weekends. With the tractor, the gigantic rig had a total length of more than 77m–a challenging operation for the Kroustalelis team.

With good planning, meticulous working and Goldhofer’s high-performance road transport equipment, however, Kroustalelis was able to complete the two journeys without a hitch, and the refinery components were shipped to Baku on schedule.