Grove en route

10 July 2019

Yonkers Contracting Company (Yonkers) is using its recently acquired Grove GRT880 on an infrastructure project along Route 17 in Harriman, New York.

The project includes building a new bridge, a new interchange, and inserting new drainage, has a quick-paced schedule and is expected to be completed later this year. 

Yonkers is using their GRT crane to lift steel beams, precast drainage pipes and other materials for the project. On the job site, loads as much as 20USt are being raised to heights of 25ft and then placed below ground level at radii up to 75 ft.

“The 50 USt cranes we typically use didn’t have the capacities for the type of lifting that we needed to do on this job, so we really had to look at load charts to see which crane was best for us,” said Lou Marino, VP equipment operation at Yonkers. “The GRT880 has been a great fit for this project. Its lifting capacity and boom length were ideal for the job, and we haven’t had any downtime with the crane, which has enabled us to boost our efficiency.”

Grove’s Crane Control System (CCS) and the tilt cab were also important features that stood out to the contractor. The machine was purchased through Grove and Manitowoc dealer Hoffman Equipment.