Grove erects derrick crane atop bank

3 April 2018 by Sotiris Kanaris

BKL Baukran Logistik has used a Grove GMK6400 to lift parts of a 24t (26.5USt) derrick crane atop a 94m-high bank building in Eschborn, northwest Frankfurt, Germany. The derrick crane is needed to conduct roof refurbishment.

The GMK6400 lifted the single parts of the derrick crane in sections – first the steel substructure and then the individual crane elements – where it was then assembled on the building’s roof. The GMK6400 was required to reach heights of 131m and lift up to 7t at a 43m outreach.

Edwin Weidner, manager of the mobile crane division at BKL’s Frankfurt site, oversaw the entire project, which was carried out by a seven-member team.

Weidner said: “Installations in this altitude are challenging, especially under winter weather conditions. For this particular project, our customer had only 48 hours to install the derrick crane; we also had to mount and dismount our mobile crane in that time slot. We chose the GMK6400 due to its fast, self-rigging Mega Wing Lift, light components and ease-of-operation.”