Hans Frey Mobilkran chooses Tadano HK 70

9 July 2020

German firm Hans Frey Mobilkran has been a Tadano customer since 2002, previously opted for used machinery but has recently taken delivery of a new 70t Tadano HK 70.

Hans Frey is not just the MD, he is also the owner, dispatcher and driver. His first crane from Lauf an der Pegnitz was a used Faun HK 35 which he used for 14 years and with which he was very satisfied.

He was looking for a machine that was versatile, extremely manoeuvrable, robust and economical. The HK 70 with a 41m mast as well as a double-folding jib met his requirements. The purchase of this machine is a milestone for the company, as it is the first new crane in its history.

“From my site in Mauern, I’m somewhere in Bavaria pretty much every day, supporting construction companies and carpenters with various jobs. Often, the sites of the jobs are quite far from each other. And I’m never on site more than one to two days. So for me the only option was a high-speed solution from Tadano,” said Hans Frey.

“It really saves me a lot in operating costs. It’s got low fuel consumption. Wear parts, such as tyres, are reasonably priced because the crane is mounted on a Volvo standard model. On my routes, I can really get moving and thanks to both the spacious cabins, driving and operating the crane are very easy.

“I don’t need any permits for single routes with the HK 70. And if I have to cross any bridges, I meet those requirements with the crane, too. It makes work so much easier when a bit of administration work is avoided, particularly in my one-man business. Although the remote control and very high lifting capacity are of course also good arguments for the HK 70.”