Hareket moves 6,200t ships

22 September 2020

Hareket Heavy Lifting and Project Transportation successfully completed the transporting of two passenger ships, weighing 6,200t each, from the shipyard zone to the floating docks.

The ships, constructed at the Yalova shipyard of Tersan Tersanecilik, will eventually become part of Havila Kystruten cruise fleet. Each ship measures 124m long and 22m wide.

The ships needed to be moved 250m to the floating dock. For this job Hareket used 1600 wheeled carrier vehicles formed by a combination of 200-axle self-propelled hydraulic carriers and conventional hydraulic module trailers axles, as well as 4+2 Power Pack Units.

“As Hareket, we served in the transportation of the ships through our expert and experienced staff, creative engineering solutions, advanced technological infrastructure and high capacity equipment like we have done in each and every project,” said Abdullah Altinkum, the general director of Hareket Proje Tasimaciligi ve Yük Mühendisligi

“Even if 250m seem to be short, it is a great success to complete the transportation operation of these two ships in such weights in only four days. And we are rightfully proud of this success.”