Hauck Hausbau puts Tadano ATF 70G-4 to work

18 April 2017 by Sotiris Kanaris

German developer Hauck Hausbau took delivery of a Tadano ATF 70G-4 last November and it was used in a number of projects since.

The family-owned company chose the version with the shorter 44m boom. Sebastian Hauck explained: “In our business, the lifting capacity for the increasing component weights is clearly the number one concern. Height is not a priority in our core business concerning detached houses, bungalows or urban villas.”

The crane has been operating almost continuously since its delivery. Its second job was to position an extra storey on an existing building. 

The company uses special construction materials in order to create the internally developed climate- and nature-sensitive building envelope. This is because sustainable, energy-efficient building is a distinguishing feature of Hauck Hausbau.