Hiab and Nugent launch crane trailer

13 November 2019

Hiab has partnered with trailer manufacturer Nugent to develop Hiab Nugent Crane Trailer, a small crane on a small trailer, suitable for lighter lifting jobs.

The manufacturers say that Hiab Nugent Crane Trailer is ideal for builders’ merchants, farmers, landscape gardeners, local councils and any manual labourers. Both parties are labelling the product a ‘versatile, easy-to-handle, back-saving’ piece of kit.

Commenting on the launch, Alastair Evans, Hiab sales product manager, UK & Ireland, said: “The beauty of the new crane trailer is that it can reduce manpower and speed up small jobs. The manual handling regs state that a single person should not manually lift or handle a load that exceeds between 3kgs and 25kgs. With a lift capacity of 1.8tm, our new crane trailer can do the lifting of half a dozen people in one go.

“The engineering teams at Hiab and Nugent have worked hard on the adaption of the trailer to make it suitable to take the crane. We wanted to retain as much payload as possible, while meeting the Whole Vehicle Type Approval regulations.”

The crane is a standard Hiab T-CLX 018 crane, but with the shortest legs possible, and has a lift capacity of 1.8tm. Featuring its own power source - (courtesy of two 12 volt deep cycle batteries) - it can be operated independently of the towing vehicle.

“The crane is fully electric, so is emission free and very quiet. We have also included a solar powered trickle charge enabling the battery to be charged while the trailer is in transit to the next job,” added Evans.

The trailer—a Nugent F3720H 3.5t flatbed—utilises Nugent’s patented Dual Drive suspension, which reduces vibrations and suspension chatter, minimises stress on the chassis and cuts shock waves to the towing vehicle.

Combined with spring loaded flip latches on all drop sides to prevent undue movement and noise, the trailer itself is extremely low noise, making it suitable for use in residential areas.

The standalone trailer – launched last year by Nugent – has already had a great response but Nugent believes the addition of the Hiab crane will take it to a whole new level.

The Hiab Nugent Crane Trailer is available to order now from both Hiab’s sales network, and Nugent’s authorised dealer network.