Hiab's strongest drywall crane

2 August 2019

Hiab, part of Cargotec, has launched the drywall crane Hiab K-505 HiPro for the US and Canadian markets. It is the longest and strongest drywall crane from Hiab to date with a reach of nine floors and a lifting capacity of almost 300,000 foot-pound force.

Hiab’s other drywall cranes are K-HiPro 285 and K-HiPro 425 with a reach of four and six storeys respectively.

All drywall cranes are equipped with the Hiab HiPro remote control, which gives operators more flexibility of finding the best working space and field of vision. HiPro brings features such as LSS (Load Stability System for vertical movements), VSLplus (Variable Stability Logic Plus) and ASC (Automatic Speed Control) that improve operator safety and productivity. All drywall cranes are connected through Hiab’s Connected Services such as HiConnect.

With HiConnect customers receive insights to improve safety and utilisation, as well as keeping track of service needs based on actual usage. Connectivity also enables a new level of service support, such as remote diagnostics and troubleshooting.

The manufacturer announced that it will connect the majority of its equipment as a standard feature from factory, starting in the second half of 2019.

"Value chains are getting more and more integrated and data is now an important business enabler. We are therefore pleased to announce that all our Hiab Duo, HiDuo and HiPro cranes will be connected on orders from June 2019 as a standard feature. With connectivity our customers will get a future proof equipment. It will also allow us to develop new data driven offerings and better cranes in the future to enhance customer value and benefits," said Joakim Andersson, senior vice president, Hiab Cranes.