HMF grabs for speed

27 March 2018

HMF have released their new muck away cranes - robust truck-mounted cranes that are specially designed for heavy and continuous grab work.

The new cranes are for handling construction and road waste such as concrete and asphalt.  They have a maximum hydraulic reach of more than 8m and a slewing area of 440°, and are equipped with dual mechanical crane functions and two operating platforms , with a catwalk to give easy access between them. The crane is a fast working tool, says HMF, as the large working area means no time is wasted on moving the crane.

A Danfoss PVG32 control valve with load sensing ensures quick and precise control. The dual slewing system provides high torque forces with a full load on slopes up to 15% and precise control so the workload can be quickly and accurately adjusted. The chain drive allows the cylinders to work simultaneously allowing efficientl and quick working.

Hoses and pipes are protected within the arm system, and there is additional reinforcement on the inner arm so that impacts have little or no effect. The column is sturdy with oversized strength and a spherical roller bearing in the bottom which functions even with less-that-clean oil. The cranes are painted with HMF's environmentally friendly high-quality surface treatment EQC, which gives an extra durable surface.

HMF's well-known RCL5300 safety system monitors all movements so that the vehicle stays stable on the ground and the crane always only works within the permitted load. An additional HSL-Q safety system creates a virtual cage that the crane cannot move into, thus protecting the operator at all times. All safety systems are placed in waterproof boxes so they work optimally in all weather.

The cranes are available in two versions HMF1310R-MC with manual control and HMF1510R-RCS with remote control. They can be seen at Tip-ex in Harrogate, UK, at the end of May.