HMF launches new large cranes

25 May 2018 by Sotiris Kanaris

HMF has enhanced its large crane range with two new models, the HMF 7020 and the HMF 9520. The company said they were both designed for particularly demanding lifting tasks and assembly work.

“Just like all HMF cranes, the new large cranes have an optimum lifting capacity combined with a low tare weight,” said HMF.

The new cranes can be delivered with a specially adapted fly-jib for extra reach and an optimised boom system with extra short build-in length for short space requirements.

HMF offers a range of new ‘Power’ features: PowerHoist, a new hoist solution where hoist and crane are working synchronously; PowerSwing new hydraulic allowing all stabiliser functions to be operated at the same time and where the stabiliser valve block can be operated manually; PowerDisplay , a new colour display giving access to help information and graphic illustrations for an easier and quicker operation.

The cranes are equipped with a new two-gear slewing system and HMF’s RCL safety system which has been updated with new functions: Progressive Crane Control (PCC) and Progressive Flow Control (PFC). The PCC reduces both the mechanical and hydraulic oscillations in case of sudden movements so that the crane movements become smoother, efficiency is increased, and wear is reduced. PFC controls the oil flow when operation needs more oil flow than the pump can supply.

For the manufacturer safety is key and that is why the new models are equipped, among other things, with EVS - the original stability safety system, which during crane operation constantly monitors the stability of the vehicle and increases the working area of the crane by calculating improved stability conditions. EVS can be deactivated with a new function, AutoSwitch, that deactivates the EVS when the stabilizer beams are completely extended, and the stabilizer legs are on the ground.

With the introduction of HMF 7020 and HMF 9520, HMF 6020 and HMF 8520 will no longer be available. The new cranes are in the last field tests and the first cranes will be ready for delivery in autumn.