Hospital expansion built by Wolff towers

28 August 2015 by Daniel Searle

Two Wolff tower cranes have assisted the construction of a new floor at a hospital at Germany.

The Klinikum Ingolstadt hospital was established almost 30 years ago and treats around 38,000 patients a year. The two XXL-series saddle jib cranes supplied by Wolffkran were erected using a 500t mobile crane to add a new floor to the building without interrupting the operation of the hospital.

As the emergency area at the front of the building and the service access area at the back had to be kept clear at all times, the 37m-high Wolff 9025.20 with 90m jib and 46m-high Wolff 8540.20 with 100m jib were erected at the sides of the hospital, fully covering the 160m complex.

The cranes were used to lift steel substructures and composite panels onto the roof, moving a total of 450t of steel, 6,000 sq m of reinforced concrete composite flooring, 2,900 sq m of trapezoidal sheets and 3,000 sq m of concrete ceilings for the new roof.

Ulrich Langenbein, sales manager for Germany at Wolffkran, said: "The assembly of the two Wolff cranes using a 500t mobile crane proved to be very challenging and had to be optimally coordinated with the hospital's daily business. The delivery of the mobile crane and Wolff crane components as well as their pre-assembly on the ground and the set-up of the 8m x 8m cross frame all had to be meticulously coordinated to not interfere with the hospital's daily routine,."

Healthy progress: one of the two Wolffkran cranes used to build a new floor at the Klinikum Ingolstadt hospital.