Hyva extends range with models up to 165tm

5 December 2017 by Sotiris Kanaris

Dutch loader crane manufacturer Hyva has extended its range up to 165tm with the introduction of three new models - the 95t HC951, 115t HC1151 and 165t HC1651.

The principal features of the new cranes are: automatic turning stabilizers; Liftrod Articulating System (LAS) and Extra Extension Speed (EES) and Smart Extension Sequence.

They also feature an endless slewing rotation system with bearing. The large diameter ball bearings join the lower and upper structures of the crane. Electrical and hydraulic connections pass through a swivel at the centre of the bearing. The presence of the two external gear motors guarantees double slewing torque to operate in rough conditions.

The integral base allows the installer to mount the crane directly on the truck frame, reducing the total height of the crane and lowering the centre of gravity of the vehicle. This permits the crane to rotate endlessly in both directions. All cranes are available in CE (EN12999 Standard) and non-CE versions, and are equipped with multi-function radio remote control.

Apart for multipurpose loading activities for the rental service sector, Hyva said the new cranes meet the requirements requirements for heavy equipment and materials lifting in the oil & gas, mining, logistics, defence and construction sectors.