International sales surge for Tadano

15 May 2019

Tadano saw its net sales outside Japan to rise 20% year-on-year to ¥91.3bn for the fiscal year 2018, the twelve months ended March 31.

As an effect the sales outside Japan accounted for 48.5% compared to 43.8% the year before. This is in line with Tadano’s strategy to reach 80% of international sales that its CEO Koichi Tadano highlighted during a press conference at Bauma.

Overall, including all product lines, sales increased in all regions apart from the Middle East. Sales in North America rose by 37.3% from ¥29.4bn to ¥40.4bn, while in Europe from ¥16.8bn to ¥19.1bn.

The Mobile Cranes division experienced an increase in sales both nationally and internationally.  Year-on-year sales rose by 18.7% to ¥117.6bn. Mobile crane sales outside Japan stood at ¥75.3bn, marking a significant increase compared to the ¥60.8bn reported the year before. In Japan sales rose from ¥38.2bn to ¥42.3bn.

Truck loader crane sales revenue for the twelve months ended March 31 stood at ¥20.7bn, up from the ¥19.7bn reported the previous year.

Overall the group saw an 8.5% year-on-year increase in net sales which stood at ¥188.5bn in FY2018, while operating income rose by 2.1% to ¥15.8bn.