Italian job for Sennebogen crawler

8 January 2020

A Sennebogen 1100 E crawler crane has recently been used to remove hundreds of metres of sheet piling in Milan, Italy, to prepare a site for a new housing project.

Sheet piling is a structural component that is placed at a suitable depth under the foundation pit and joined together, creating a vertical wall known as a sheet pile wall. This wall serves as a shield against water and/or supports the ground. It can be used on a permanent or temporary basis. If it is only being used for a limited time, once the work has finished the sheet piling is removed from the ground and reused.

This was recently the case in the Via Argelati in Milan, where drainage, excavation and foundation work was underway to restructure a site to allow two residential buildings to be built.

Locapal was commissioned by Dutch group Arcadis, in turn on behalf of Cooperativa CCL Cerchicasa, for this project which involved lifting out 150 10m long sheet piles and 130 13m sheet piles. The Venetian company fell back onto one of the four Sennebogen cranes in its fleet: the 1100 E. Once an excavator had "discovered" the sheet piles in the ground, the 50t 1100 E was put to work. Equipped with a compaction attachment, it is able to pull the sheet piles out of the ground and places them neatly nearby.

Claudio Pizzamano, owner of Locapal, said: "The Sennebogen 1100 E crawler crane is a part of our fleet, which also includes another Sennebogen crawler crane and two telescopic Sennebogen cranes. The 1100 E is a very efficient partner thanks to its compact size (low space requirements when in use) and its flexible maneuverability in day to day operations and applications such as in the Via Argelati. All in all, thanks to its strong 129 kW engine, the 1100 E is a very powerful and efficient machine."