Jekko launches lighter crawler crane

4 September 2018 by Sotiris Kanaris

A year after the debut of the JF545 articulated crawler crane model, Italian manufacturer Jekko has launched the more compact and lighter JF365.

The JF365 has a maximum lifting capacity of 11.5t, maximum height (with jib) of 29m (capacity 550kg) and maximum outreach of 26.5m (capacity 365kg).

Jekko says the JF365 is even more competitive in terms of compactness and performance, thanks to the absence of a counterweight. It is 1.8m wide, 5.5m long and 2.7m high. Its weight is 12,300kg, and the jib’s weight is 700kg.

Alberto Franceschini, sales manager at Jekko, said: “Following the success of the JF545, we decided to maintain the same format and the same configuration, substituting the crane element with one of Fassi’s best sellers, the F365, which operates in the same way as the 545 but without a removable counterweight, resulting in a more compact and lighter crane while offering the same performance.”

The reduced weight and dimensions allow the JF365 to operate in tight spaces such as town centres, in the industrial sector, for fittings in restricted work-site areas or in particular lifting situations close to walls, as rotation is confined to the area of the machine, without the bulk of the counterweight.

The JF365 has a fixed base with a load capacity of 3t. It offers the same options as the JF545: proportional radio controller, hydraulic activation for accessories, stability control with infinite possibilities for stabilisation, and one smaller and lighter jib which allows for the installation of a platform on the main arm.
“We will be launching this crane on the German, Scandinavian and central European markets, naturally without neglecting Italy,” explained Franceschini. “The JF365, and the JF545 before it, are cranes which are a great source of pride for us, as on an industrial level we were the first to introduce this revolution to the market and now many brands in the crawler market are following in our wake. This means that we have chosen the right direction, obviously following the philosophy of Made in Italy”.

The JF365 will be presented at the IAA 2018 trade fair, on the Fassi stand, represented by the dealer Nordkran.