Jekko launches SPX532

2 August 2019

Italian crane manufacturer Jekko has launched the SPX532 mini crane, which has a new design and features compared to previous models.

The SPX532 has a maximum lifting capacity of 3.2t, 17.3m maximum height (with jib) and 14.8m maximum reach (with jib). It has a 1t hydraulic jib and is able to lift using both the hookblock and hoist method. Its dimensions are 3,255 x 770 x 1,960mm.

The new design makes use of more resistant materials, so a column reinforced with two pistons and a sump are no longer in fibreglass but in steel.

The stability system has been updated so that slewing goes from 0° to 90° for each outrigger (previously 0° to 45°); it is also possible to adjust outrigger tilting angle.

Another important advantage of the new design is the reduction in jib installation and disassembly times due to an innovative hooking system. The operator can therefore decide to store the jib in three ways: at rest on the column, on the ground or resting under the main arm. Thanks to a double pump, the jib also allows for simultaneous use of both the extension and angle functions.

The SPX532 is equipped with a hydraulic system that offers smooth and precise movements. This is because of the digital hydraulic pump that, together with the control electronics and the new Jekko radio remote control, allows for active dynamic control of the crane’s movements.

Through the J-Connect system and the use of a data SIM, the crane can be connected to the internet.

The SPX532 is available in a lithium battery version, or it comes with a diesel engine combined with a single phase (220V–2.2 kW) or three phase electric motor (400V–5.5 kW).