Johnson Arabia expands RT fleet

5 October 2020

Johnson Arabia has expanded its fleet of rough terrain cranes with the addition of ten new Grove RT550E cranes, destined for projects in the oil and gas sector and other industries in the UAE.

“The Grove RT 550E fits our needs for this market perfectly,” said managing director Martin Kirby. “Its compact design, higher lifting capabilities and manoeuvrability in tight spaces makes it a versatile crane for the UAE market for oil and gas projects and urban development where space is limited.”

The Grove RT550E weighs under 29t and it can lift up to 45t It is 11.7m long and 2.53m wide.

Mark Bedderson who manages the Abu Dhabi office and is an expert in the oil and gas market said: “There was a serious need for compact machines for off shore projects and our recent purchase of these new Grove RT550E units coupled with our spider cranes gives us an edge over our competitors. We are their one stop solution providers for projects that needs heavy lifts and have space/weight constraints”

Executive manager for Dubai, Mohammed Fareed said: “The Grove RT550E is the choice of many industries here in all the Northern Emirates too. It provides reliable service without compromising on power and security. The all wheel drive and steering modes give it the ability to navigate on uneven ground, steep grades, muddy terrain and other obstacles which makes it the preferred choice for quarry, and hydro plant projects. The one cab operation makes it easier and faster when relocating on sites and the 39m main boom is an added value when a higher reach is required.”