Kamag delivers shipyard transporters

18 November 2008

Kamag has built two shipyard transporters with carrying capacities of more than 320t.

The six- and eight-axle line transporters have been sent to a Shanghai shipyard to join large subassemblies during ship construction. The eight-axle unit, dead weight of 85t, has a payload bed of 21m by 7m. Its smaller sibling, which weighs 59t, has a bed 3m shorter. Both are based on the German manufacturer's pendulum axles, also used in special transport vehicles.

Lifting cylinders have been integrated in the individual pendulum axle wheel sets (there are eight wheels per line). After the transporter is driven under the load, which is supported on blocks, it raises this by means of the lifting cylinders. The hydraulic system is fed by a diesel engine that drives the hydraulic pumps which, in turn, supplies the pressure oil for the lifting procedure. The hydraulic motors installed in the wheel sets are also oil-driven. The advantage of this hydrostatic drive: it functions for both driving directions so that all movement is extremely smooth and jerk-free as well as having a very sensitive regulating control feature. This is particularly important when the ship sections are being placed in their assembly positions. The whole process is carried out with great precision so that the individual sections are positioned and joined together with millimetre accuracy. The high degree of manoeuvrability is supported by the electronic multi-directional steering. With this, the transporter is able to perform circular, transversal and diagonal driving operations. The platform elevating truck can even turn on its own center-point. As space is mostly at a premium in shipyards, the manoeuvrability of large vehicles is of crucial importance.

Six-line Kamag transporter is lifted on truck Six-line Kamag transporter is lifted on truck