Lampson makes fourth LTL-2600 Transi-Lift

20 March 2008

US crane manufacturer and renter Lampson International will deliver a unit of its largest Transi-Lift, the LTL-2600, to Chinese government customer Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant Company by the end of 2008, Bill Lampson told Cranes Today.

The crane system unites two complete crawlers, with heavy boom, tracks and tracked counterweight wagon. It has an ultimate capacity of 2,360t (2,600 US tons), putting it top in Lampson's six-model Transi-Lift range. The latest crane includes some incremental improvements that make it easier to assemble and enhance its capacity.

This unit is the first to be sold to an outside company. Three other LTL-2600 units have been built. Two are currently operated by Lampson Australia and one by Lampson in the USA.

Bill Lampson reports that the company's bare crane rental business (cranes without operators) with traditional cranes has been strong. "There are a lot of major rigging jobs throughout the country," he said, particularly in petrochemical refineries and nuclear plants.

The company has 350 employees, and 350 cranes. It manufactures the Transi-Lift at its headquarters in Kennewick, Washington.

Lampson LTL 2600 Lampson LTL 2600