Liebherr USA’s expanded HQ opens

16 June 2020

Liebherr USA headquarters have moved into newly expanded facilities in Newport News, Virginia.

The facilities house employees who work in administration, finance, human resources, sales, information technology, marketing, product support and distribution for nine different product units under the Liebherr USA umbrella.

Liebherr opened for business in the United States 50 years ago on October 6, 1970. The existing four-storey administration building dates to the early 1970s and was 100% occupied. It will be retained and house employees of Liebherr Mining Equipment.

“Besides moving into a new facility which is a highlight for our employees who contribute immensely to our success in the US, what stands out for me the most, is the message that this $60m investment sends to our customers,” said TorbenReher, managing director, Liebherr USA.

According to Reher, the new campus will help Liebherr better serve customers across divisions in multiple ways. The first is that it significantly increases production operations for concrete pumps and repair capacity for mobile and crawler cranes, as well as for construction equipment. “For example, we will now be able to do boom alignments for mobile cranes up to 750 tons. Furthermore, the new shop will be a lot closer to our many customers in the Northeast region, which will lead to lower logistic costs,” said Reher.

The new Liebherr warehouse incorporates the latest safety features and provides a 50% increase in storage capacity. In addition, the warehouse also has a dual shuttle vertical lifting machine to increase small component picking speed and storage capacity. The receiving and shipping departments are separated to enable optimal material flow through the facility.