Lifting a tower

25 May 2018 by Sotiris Kanaris

Polish crane rental company Corleonis used a Terex CTT 332-16 flat top tower crane to erect a 150m-tall cooling for the large scale Bogatynia power plant in southwestern Poland. The job was done on behalf of construction company Budimex.

The Terex CTT 332-16 flat top tower crane was chosen, as it fulfilled all the prerequisites for the demanding project. Its fast working speed and 16t lifting ensured that construction would progress quickly, while its robust construction would enable it to work reliably under the challenging job site conditions.

“However, it was clear from the very beginning that even all the advantages behind the CTT 332-16 would not be enough to take care of the job with a standard crane configuration,” said Corleonis commercial manager Jacek Obrebski. “The crane had to be set up inside the cooling tower and would need to grow, as construction progressed, to a final hook height of 151.7 meters in three stages,” he explained.

The Terex application engineering team developed a cable structure that would make it possible to anchor the crane tower to the cooling tower’s slab, enabling the CTT 332-16 to remain stable at all times. The first anchor was secured to the crane tower at a height of 62.4m, and the second at a height of 109.6m. This way, the Terex Cranes specialists were able to ensure that the CTT 332-16 flat top tower crane could efficiently perform all lifts with a jib length of 55m during every “growth stage”.

Terex Cranes regional sales manager Bartosz Irzyniec offered Corleonis—as a kind of full-service offering—commissioning support by a field technician from the Terex Cranes plant in Fontanafredda. Terex Cranes service manager Ivo Romanelli and field technician Mirco Manarin were responsible for this “extra field experience,” and not only assisted the Corleonis team with setting up the crane at the work site, but also with commissioning, briefing, test lifts, and fine-tuning.

“Needless to say, it was the kind of offer that we wouldn’t have dreamed of passing up, especially given the fact that the crane model is still practically new for us. Basically put, the support provided by Terex gave us additional field experience,” said Obrebski.