Link-Belt refreshes 80-tonner

26 September 2007

Link-Belt is launching a new version of its 80 US tons (73t) 138 crawler, the 138 HSL, which promises better capacities and easier assembly.

Like other HSL models, the new crane has wet brakes on front and rear drums. It also has a new cab and new RCL with high-visibility color graphic display features load-on-hook, maximum allowable load-on-hook, boom length, boom angle, tip height, and audible and visual warnings. The system also has a function kick-out for both overload and anti-two block occurrences.

The 138 HSL tube boom is 40 to 200 ft (12.2 to 61 m). The optional angle boom is 40 to 150 ft (12.2 to 45.7 m). Both tube and angle attachments use the same respective extensions as the 138H, HII, and HYLAB 5. A live mast is standard for either attachment. Maximum tip height is 242 ft (62.2 m) with tube boom and jib and 204 ft (62.2 m) with angle boom and jib. The jib is offsettable to 5, 15, and 25 degrees. The top sections come standard with mounting lugs for the jib, the optional 5-ft (1.5-m) auxiliary tip, and the optional universal pin-on pile driving lead adaptor.

It is powered by an Isuzu AH-6HK1X that provides 287 hp (214 kW) of power and 838 ft-lbs (1,125 J) of torque. Maximum line pull for the front or rear drum is 31,182 lbs (14,144 kg).

Link-Belt 138 HSL Link-Belt 138 HSL

Link-Belt 138 HSL Link-Belt 138 HSL