Link-Belt telecrawler for mining infrastructure

8 January 2020

Tutt-Bryant Heavy Lift & Shift has been using its 127t (140USt) Link-Belt TCC-1400 telescopic crawler crane to lift structural steel at BHP’s South Flank in Western Australia.

The South Flank iron ore deposit is 80 miles (130 km) northwest of Newman, Pilbara in Western Australia. The deposit is 16 miles (26 km) long, requiring significant mining infrastructure and operations. The project is valued at AUD3.8bn (USD2.9bn) and scheduled for running operation by 2021.

Tutt-Bryant transferred two additional 90t TCC-1100 telescopic crawler cranes, in addition to the TCC-1400, from Singapore through its parent company, Tat Hong. The TCC-1400 shipped from Sydney to Perth, where training was completed.

“It [the TCC-1400] was a stock machine and we had a requirement for a specific machine with that sort of boom length for BHP at South Flank. The crane will see approximately 12 months hire, maybe longer,” said national operations manager for Tutt-Bryant Heavy Lift and Shift, Malcom Smith.

 “It’s about testing the machine and assessing market acceptance in lieu of a big rough terrain or all terrain. We do believe this machine will sell itself, and in time, we will endeavor to move up into the 250t categories. There are a number of reasons for purchasing the Link Belt TCC-1400. It is the best in class in terms of capacity and boom length, it’s very flexible in the way it transports, its self erection features and its ease of use are second to none. We have received first class product support through the Baden Davis Crane Connection.”