LR1250 for Dornseiff makes light work

14 March 2018

Dornseiff Autokrane which operates from four locations in Germany, has added a Liebherr LR1250 to its fleet of 52 telescopic and crawler cranes.

The new addition, used in Blocked Crawler Mode, was deployed on the task of major expansion works at lighting manufacturer Osram at Regensburg, where it has given a decisive increase in lifting capacity. 

The continuously variable main boom of the Liebherr crane and the possibility of increasing lifting capacity also gave advantages.

For this jobsite the Liebherr crawler crane was fitted with a 35m main boom and a 35m jib. It was used for lifting heavy concrete elements as well as the steel of the new production building’s roof structure. The crane’s Blocked Crawler Mode was deployed several times. At an outreach of 45m, this increased the lifting capacity by 20% to 18t, and at 36m by 15% to 23t. Thanks to the increase in lifting capacity in Blocked Crawler Mode it was not necessary to use the next biggest size of crane - a decisive advantage in the confined space on site and a significant improvement that made it possible for Dornseiff to accept the contract for the expansion of the Regensburg works. Lifting capacities for the continuously variable main boom are actively calculated by the control system, which Dornseiff says proved highly efficient for this jobsite. Dornseiff used the Crane Planner 2.0 to plan the relevant maximum load cases.

The undercarriage of the LR 1250 is fitted with track adjustment, so the track width can be reduced and even narrow spaces passed though. Frequent changes in crane position were necessary during the work for Osram which meant that the high level of mobility and flexibility were fully exploited.