Mammoet buys mini cranes

10 April 2018

Hoeflon has sold two of its C10 mini-cranes to Mammoet. Hoeflon, based to the east of Amsterdam, has been making spider-cranes and mini-crawlers since 2006.

The C10, weighing in at 4.7t, is the largest crane in Hoeflon’s range, and at the larger end of the mini-crane class overall; nevertheless it is considerably smaller than the project and heavy lift specialist’s usual purchases.  “It is the first mini-crane anywhere in their fleet worldwide” says David Fokker, export manager of Hoeflon. “Naturally we are very proud of that.”

A typical use for the C10 is for steel erection or installing glass panels, but these particular machines are destined for other duties. Mammoet will be using the cranes themselves, says Fokker, rather than offering them for hire.  “One of the cranes will be going to the north of the Netherlands; the other will be working, for at least a year, at a Shell refinery in Rotterdam. It is a site with restricted spaces and narrow situations. We believe that it will be used for whatever lifting jobs may arise. When Mammoet need a job done, they will be able to do it.”

“Last year Mammoet rented a mini-crane from us for six months, and told us that rather than continue to rent they would prefer to buy one” he adds. “But instead they have bought two; which also makes us very happy.”

The C10 is designed for both outside work, using its Yanmar three-cylinder diesel, or indoors powered by cable to its electric motor. With its jib it can lift 1.2t; without, the main boom has 4t capacity. “And with its very low weight of 4.7t that gives a very good weight-to-capacity ratio, which the industry values for applications where ground pressures are an issue.”

Fokker points also to the C10’s small dimensions. “It is just 800mm wide and 1.95m high, which means it can pass through a single-width door.” A rival machine has a width of 1400mm, he says, giving the C10 a clear advantage.

The jib stows underneath the boom for transport and can be positioned for use hydraulically. “It can lift 0.75t to a height of 21m” says Fokker. “No other mini-crane can do that.”

This is the first time that Hoeflon have sold to Mammoet; the sale was agreed at the end of March and delivery is scheduled for April.