Mammoet completes Nigerian petrochemical project.

21 July 2020

With the installation of the final 1,240t propylene mounded bullet at the Dangote refinery in Nigeria, Mammoet is now demobilising the equipment that has been deployed there for two years.

Mammoet’s contract to assist with receiving, inland transportation, onsite lifting and installation of refinery components started in 2018. The wide range of components for the project were delivered at the purpose-built Dangote Quay Leki in Lagos and transported to site.

Prior to installation, the components were stored temporarily on fresh-paved Enviro-Mat, Mammoet’s innovative and sustainable solution for native soil improvement.

A total of 239 items with a combined weight of 84,905t were moved from jetty to site and 154 items weighing a total of 68,415t were installed.

Mammoet deployed a diverse fleet of heavy lifting and transport equipment, including several trucks and trailers, self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) plus mobile and crawler cranes with capacities ranging from 250t to 1,600t.

The company also supplied two of its largest super-heavy lift ring cranes with lifting capacities up to 5,000t – the PTC 200 DS and PT 50. The long reach and small footprints of these enabled a more efficient approach to lifting and installation of components such as the 3,000t regenerator – the heaviest item ever transported over public roads in Africa – and a 2,000t column, which was also the largest crude column in the world.