Mammoet to develop new super heavy lift cranes

7 August 2009

Mammoet has announced plans to introduce two new super heavy lift cranes in the third quarter of 2011, designed for the heaviest lift applications.

The PTC 120 DS will offer an SWL of 3,200t, with a minimum working radius of 25m extending to a maximum of 200m. This gives a maximum load moment of 120,000tm. The PTC 160 DS can again lift 3,200t but at an extended radius of 30.5m (minimum) up to 205.5m (maximum). This results in a maximum load moment of 160,000tm.

The PTC 120 DS and the PTC 160 DS both have a boom length of 70m-140m, a jib length of 18m-100m, a hoisting speed of 10m/min, a 250t auxiliary hoist and maximum ballast of 3,400t.

Mammoet's new super heavy lift crane design

Both cranes are based on Mammoet’s PTC concept, which uses rings to carry the ballast meaning they can operate in confined areas. The PTC 120 DS has a 30m ring and the PTC 160 DS has a 41m ring. Using a ring allows the cranes to slew 360° on its bogies. The PTC concept also allows the cranes to move in a straight line on the bogies while carrying a load on the hook. It can then be relocated on the jobsite using SPMTs or its bogies.

Mammoet said the PTC 120 DS and the PTC 160 DS are part of a new generation of super heavy lift crane, and will offer “outstanding capacity with great versatility to facilitate a new approach to heavy lift and construction projects”. They are aimed at all of Mammoet’s markets, including power, petrochemical, civil and offshore industries.

“As modular and prefab construction are becoming more widely used, the size of the loads is becoming as relevant as their mass,” Mammoet said. “Construction operations now require the placement of even larger units at increasing heights.

“This, and the need to reach across existing structures, has created a demand for cranes with a greater operating radius.”

Mammoet said the cranes can also be used for lifting smaller loads in between heavy lifts, maximising their utilisation rates. “This versatility ensures that the cranes are kept busy all the time and facilitates a new approach to planning construction projects, saving time and money,” it said.

Mammoet's new super heavy lift crane design Mammoet's new super heavy lift crane design