Mammoet unveils fast-lifting mega-cranes

17 June 2011

Heavy lifting and transport specialists Mammoet has unveiled its new generation PTC super heavy lift cranes, the 200,000 tm PTC 200 DS and the 140,000tm PTC 140 DS.

Mammoet’s new generation PTCs are fitted with four 800t main winches capable of lifting 3,200t loads at a maximum hoist speed of 10m per minute.

It utilises a luffing jib after the main boom, available in lengths from 42m to 106m, that allows loads of up to 1,000t to be lifted at a radius of 100m on difficult refinery sites.

Each ring crane runs on wheeled bogies that allow it to slew 360° in 15mins, and as the ballast is carried within the ring, a small swing radius of 22m.

Mammoet says that each PTC can be containerised and delivered anywhere in the world within three to six weeks, and is capable of operating in extreme temperatures from -40°C to 55°C.

The firm has already confirmed the order for the first PTC 200 DS, which will go to Brazil for floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) work, while the two PTC 140 DS machines are destined for work on power plants in the US.

Commenting on the development of the new generation PTCs, the design and engineering work for which was handled entirely in-house, Mammoet president and CEO Roderick van Seumeren said: “We are a big enough company to do things like this, we can invest in such huge developments.” Seumeren pointed out that, groundbreaking as the new PTCs are, “The heavy lifting segment represents just one part of this company.”

Mammoet's largest PTC crane Mammoet's largest PTC crane