Moritsch cranes in Amsterdam

13 July 2020

Italian general contractor Rizzani de Eccher is using its four new Moritsch Cranes luffers for the construction of the Y-Towers building complex in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The building complex has a gross floor area of approximately 106,000 sqm and comprises a hotel tower and a residential tower on a four-storey plinth containing restaurants, conference facilities and offices.

 At 110m, one of the towers will be the tallest building in North Amsterdam and will accommodate a Maritim-branded conference hotel, with over 6,000 sqm of conference space and 579 rooms. The neighbouring 101m-high tower will comprise 174 high-end rental apartments. 

Construction activity started in January 2020 and all four Moritsch luffing jib cranes have already been put to work. Three 18t RTL285B and one 20t RTL325B have been selected for this job.

One of the RTL285B stands at 129m tower height and has a 60m jib, while the other two units have jibs of 55m and a tower height of 36m. The RTL325B has a 60m jib and has been erected at a 129m tower height.

All cranes have been fitted with anti-collision systems. For the tallest cranes, operator elevators have also been installed. Moritsch Cranes also offers a remote diagnostic system to monitor and serve the cranes from the factory in Italy.

Among the reasons behind Rizzani de Eccher’s choice of Moritsch Cranes, according to the manufacturer, was the support provided by its engineers. They identified the best solutions to overcome critical jobsite issues and ways to optimise the construction activity.

Moritsch Cranes also offers complete customer service for the duration of the construction site, including: erection, test and commissioning, telescoping, maintenance and dismantling.

Rizzani De Eccher and the Moritsch family have a long-standing relationship, having previously worked together in prestigious projects both in Italy and abroad.

The construction of the Y-towers is expected to last 36 months, with completion and opening scheduled for the first quarter of 2023.